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Profile Diamas Group


Diamas Star was founded in 1994, located in Tangerang, the city 35 km from the capital of Jakarta.

The art of glass-blowing which was founded back by the Egyptian thousand of years ago, was continued, developed and brought to Europe by the Romans. Diamas Star based its foundation and company's vision and mission on the rich history of glass making.  Diamas Star and its divisions are producing hand-blown glass that are distinctive (no one products are exactly the same due to the unique production process), well-designed, and durable without ignoring the basic purpose and safety factors of our products.


Nowadays the company employs almost 400 people in the factory, divided in the individualized department of marketing, finance, production, R&D (research and development) and so on.


The company produces mostly of glasses, especially hand made, such as glass canister, glass vase, fish bowl glass, lighting fixture for indoor and outdoor use and others.


The factory occupies 22.500 m² area for the factory land and 12.600 m² for the building, built in the location of industrial estate, Kawasan Industri Jatake, Jalan Industri 8 blok M no.3, Jatake, Tangerang city.


The company's main markets are domestic markets and with a number of export destinations such as Singapore, Malaysia, Saudi-Arabia, Japan , Australia and Germany.


In 2010, The company has composed a son company named PT. Citiglas Inova, which rules the business import and export, manufacturing the new glass products and others.